Computer repairs

Almost every household and business now rely on some form of computer system to keep things running.

Most people don’t realise just how much we rely on our computers, until they stop working. That’s when we step in!

Some of the more common issues we face are slow computers, computers failing to start up properly, and virus infections. Whatever your issue is, we will thoroughly investigate the cause, implement a solution, and have you back up and running in no time.


Experiencing drop-outs in with your internet? Or perhaps your wifi doesn’t quite reach some parts of your house? We can investigate and fix these problems, and much more.

With the NBN rollout nearly complete, more and more households are making the change from outdated ADSL internet connections. When you make the changeover you may find your wireless printers, TV’s, and other smart devices will lose their internet connection.

We can help reconnect all of your devices or troubleshoot any issues with the NBN installation.


Did you know that most of the time when we remove a virus, it wasn’t the reason we were called out?

These clients often don’t even realise their system is infected and thought the popups they were seeing were normal. Along with removing any threats that are on your system, we can offer tailored antivirus solutions to prevent re-infection, along with training on how you can avoid most viruses.


Wouldn’t it be great to print and scan wirelessly, from your computer, phone or tablet? We can supply and set up a wireless, apple compatible printer on the spot, along with providing training on how to use your new printer.

Maybe you already have a wireless printer, but it’s stopped working and you really need to print those important documents? We can diagnose any issue and get you printing again.


There’s not much more frustrating than firing up your emails, only to see the dreaded “send/receive error” message. This can bring any business to a grinding halt, and cryptic error messages do not shed too much light on what to do.

Whether you have a Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or your own custom domain name, we can help get your emails up (and your business) back up and running in no time.